International Food Fair

30th March 2019

We went to the Medical Research Centre (MRC) for their food fair today (Saturday) and were fortunate to get a chance to sample food from a variety of countries including the ubiquitous Chinese fried rice and Italian pepperoni pizzas which we sauntered past with our noses in the air and headed straight for the West African fare on offer.

Ho hum……

These included the famous Nigerian dishes: gari (the quick snack made from boiled cassava flakes – which I found to be quite tasteless), jollof rice (a really delicious rice cooked with beef and vegetables) and egusi (a gorgeous rich gravy made with beef and fish and yam).

Gari gari……..
Jollof rice
Egusi soup

We also had the Ghanaian staples: rice cooked with black-eyed peas, fried fish, grated cassava, green salad and the famous shito (hot pepper sauce made with dried shrimp) – simply sensational!

Ghanaian shito sauce

We also bought some delicious cupcakes: carrot cake & cream; double chocolate, raspberry and peppermint – and Rai had candy floss – of course!

All-time favourite – pink cotton candy!

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