A Deaf Mute Heart

12th May 2019

I haven’t logged into my blog for the past three weeks since the cataclysmic events of Easter Sunday 2019.

I have just accessed my drafts and am stunned that I had written three posts in what now seems like obscene ignorance of the ground reality in Sri Lanka. How happy and carefree my posts sound in the run up to Easter Sunday! Talking about the weather in The Gambia and Jordan’s ear ring and looking forward to a wonderful Easter celebration here in west Africa…..

How wildly divergent the trajectory has been on what I had anticipated and what actually happened that final Sunday of Holy Week!

Like millions of others in SL and around the world, I went into electric shock mode after the news hit me that morning.

And that sense of shock still remains with me, my heart like a heavy brick inside my ribcage, making me feel like a deaf mute in a world gone suddenly berserk leaving me without the words I so desperately need to express my feelings with.

That is why I couldn’t post anything for these past several weeks.

A deaf mute heart has no voice, no words.

Silence is its true expression.

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