Drama Queens

22nd March 2019

I offered a Drama Club for the Marina after school extra curricular activity programme this term and the diffident young teenagers of the first few weeks have blossomed into full-fledged actresses capable of turning in stellar performances every Wednesday afternoon.

Aisha in full flow starring as the heroine of her own play

They have in fact brought in their own original play scripts and are in the throes of producing a serious play written by Eunice Oni and a side-splitting comedy penned by Aisha Yateh.

Perusing the play script during a break in the performance

Marina School doesn’t have a tradition of staging weekly class assemblies so these teenagers don’t get an opportunity to showcase their dramatic and musical talents in front of their peers. I am hoping that this will change over the next year and that regular class assemblies will be held and maybe even the ‘Evening of Performing Arts’ that we have been so accustomed to at other international schools we have worked in where both High School and Junior School students sing, dance, play a variety of musical instruments and stage outstanding dramatic performances in front of a large audience which includes their peers, teachers and parents.

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