The Wacky Warehouse

16th September 2018

This huge amorphous and ancient house with its bizarre metal door and window frames fitted with glass panes and their handles which don’t fit or work properly because they are rusted with age must have been built at the turn of the last century.

The house acts like a cantankerous old aunt – withholding water from the kitchen tap (even when the water pump is switched on!) and refusing to let water flow through the bathroom tap and shower – even when the big water tank in the back yard is full to the brim! She also denies us electricity at her slightest whim – sometimes for ten minutes at a time and sometimes for several hours – but at least once every 24 hours (groan!)

The house is also very eccentric in the way she suddenly drops big stones that crash through the (board) ceilings and smash to pieces on the floor. It’s as if she gets into a temper tantrum and lets fly!

Front entrance with very old-fashioned colonial doors and windows – just like in Archchie & Seeya’s original house at No:16, St Joseph’s Road, Nugegoda
View to the left from front door and verandah
View to the right from front door and verandah
View of front garden from front door with Traveller’s Palm at extreme right
View of Jordan’s room and Rai’s room from the living room
Our bedroom with ornate metal bed frame and old-fashioned mirror
Rai’s bedroom – as sparsely furnished as the rest of the house!

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