A Fast & Furious February

28th February 2019

It’s hard to believe that it’s the last day of the month and February 2019 has already gone down the chute! It started off well with lots of fun days in school (with Extra Curricular Clubs raising money for charity and a cross country fun run) and plenty of running water in the house. We then had a very welcome mid-term break with a five day holiday that included the Gambia’s Independence Day on February 18th.

Gambian flags all over the country fluttering proudly in the seasonal harmattan winds

The Gambian flag’s red stripe stands for the sun, the blue for River Gambia and the green for the forests of The Gambia. The white stripes stand for the peace and unity that binds them altogether and makes one country of all the different tribes (Mandinka, Wolof) and religions (Islam & Christianity).

The High School had an interesting Science Fair last Saturday afternoon where families could come and check out the High School kids’ projects and watch them take part in a mini-robotics competition. 

The Head of High School at the Science Fair shows off his state-of-the-art Gucci sunglasses and Gucci watch while tucking into his very traditional Gambian lunch of Benachin!

But it was all downhill after that with NAWEC seeming to be very mean with their regular water supply during the last week of February so that at the time of writing this post, we have been without a drop of water in our taps for five days at a stretch!

Paul and I started our new fitness regime walking through the neighbourhood after school three days a week.

Towering trees along the grandly titled ‘Atlantic Boulevard’

We walk down the sandy stretch of road alongside our house which falls onto Atlantic Boulevard (in reality, a small tarred road with very little traffic!) which hugs the rugged coastline of Fajara. We then branch off down any of the sandy country lanes that criss cross the area and wander down beautiful paths that cut across forested areas back to Garba Jahumpa Highway (actually just another tarred road with only slightly more traffic than Atlantic Boulevard!) and then back home.

It does get to us though when we have to return home and carry heavy buckets of water through the house just to have a bath afterwards. But hey, what the heck – this is Africa!!

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