Waiting for Water

17th March 2019

When we returned home from school on Friday afternoon there was no water in the taps. This is the first time that it has happened after getting our two new powerful water pumps and second 1000 litre water tank. We managed to work in the kitchen and use the bathroom over the weekend because we have an emergency water supply stored in several large buckets in two storage rooms at the back of the house.

However, we had Paul’s sister Helen and her husband Daniel over to Sunday lunch and now it’s Sunday evening and we have still not had any water from the mains – so the dirty dishes are all piled up as we have to save our rapidly dwindling water supply for use in the bathroom.

The severe lack of running water due to the grossly inadequate supply from NAWEC is really beginning to get us down again – and Paul has begun to think of Sri Lanka with nostalgia once more: a land where (if and when water cuts do take place) they are announced beforehand and do not last longer than 8 – 10 hours at a time!

On top of the inconvenience of not having a steady supply of water, the fiasco over the fussy parent attempting to take the Head of the High School to court over the expulsion of her 13 year old for under-age driving (the second hearing of the case has been fixed for tomorrow at the High Court in Banjul) is also proving to be very de-motivating. The teachers are all turning out en masse to accompany William to the High Court and we are hoping for a quick hearing and a just solution.

It would be great to return to normality after a gruelling two week ordeal invigilating mid-year examinations, marking test papers, entering grades and mulling over the many conspiracy theories that are circulating regarding the reason why this particular case has been blown so much out of proportion.

It would also be wonderful to have running water in our house again.

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